Make Sure To Research A High Quality Inframe Kit

Make Sure To Research A High Quality Inframe Kit

When a diesel engine fails, it is expensive. Engine rebuilding is likely going to save you a substantial amount of money compared to replacing the engine. A properly overhauled engine will last as long and sometimes even longer than the original. But you have to make the right choice when it comes to the parts.

Every situation can be different but rebuilding your engine may save you up to half of what it would cost to replace it. Understandable then, that in an effort to save as much money as possible, fleets will buy quickly when they see an engine repair kit at a really great price, without giving enough attention to the details of what is included in the kit.

An inframe kit is the most popular option because it usually contains all of the essentials to rebuild your engine while it’s still in the chassis, including the piston & cylinder kits, all gaskets, and crankshaft bearings.

2 Steps to Follow When Buying Engine Kits;

Step 1
Make sure that you are buying a quality kit manufactured by a reputable company.
Lots of kits may have a great price, but if they are not made to exacting OE specifications, the engine may breakdown before it should. In the end, what was saved on parts will be spent on labor to repair the engine again.

Step 2
Don't be fooled by inframe kits that are a lower price but don't have all the parts needed to do the job.
This is a really big deal, because people often don't look at exactly what they're buying, and instead only look at the purchase price. When it comes to rebuilding a diesel engine you should take no shortcuts with replacement parts. You want to buy a kit that has everything you need and that may mean that the price is a little bit higher than some of the advertised prices you see. You will save money in the long run because you won't have to waste time trying to find the parts that aren't included in the kits with fewer parts.

You Get What You Pay For
The type of kit you will need will depend on the type of engine and the amount of damage that the engine has sustained. In a recent comparison between kits, there was a big difference in how many parts were found in each kit.

Particularly with the Detroit Diesel kit there were nine parts in our AFA and PAI kits that were not found in other kits. That means nine parts that you have to buy somewhere else. So, who's kit should you buy? One of our high quality kits that has everything you need to do the job properly the first time around.

Time is Money
Again, the cheaper kit isn't saving you any money if it takes extra time and cost to source all of the extra parts required to do the job. Repairing or rebuilding a diesel engine on a commercial truck is a major undertaking costing thousands of dollars. It's essential to source high-quality parts and complete kits if you want to do the job only once and save money in the long run.

Trust our knowledgeable staff at Engine Parts Canada, we have been researching and selling heavy duty diesel parts for over 20 years !

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