1048008 - BD Diesel ISX VGT Deleted Turbo Exhaust Manifold

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Cummins ISX 15 litre engine exhaust manifold with Pre-2002 design (T6 Flange)
For performing an ISX VGT turbo delete

ISX engines with VGT deleted turbochargers
* Custom ECM Programming is required !

BD Diesel 

• Pulse exhaust flow directed to the dual volute turbine improves turbo spooling response for quicker throttle response . 
• Designed with a three piece thick walled durable high-silicon ductile iron casting to prevent cracking

Turbochargers for this manifold
2002-2009 ISX CM871 Engines use turbo # 171710 (in the 3rd image - sold separately)
2010-2019 ISX CM2250 & CM2350 Engines, use turbo # 171702

3 Year Parts Warranty

Shipment Details
Measures 34 x 12 x 9 & weighs 38 lbs

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