Make Sure To Research A High Quality Inframe Kit

Make Sure To Research A High Quality Inframe Kit

Posted by Engine Parts Canada

Making the Right Choice for an Inframe Kit in 3 Steps - Quality is Important

Investing in a high-quality inframe kit will help you rebuild instead of replacing an engine, which saves you a ton of money. An inframe kit contains all of the essentials, including the piston and cylinder kits, gaskets, and crankshaft bearings. A properly overhauled engine will last as long and sometimes even longer than the original. The key to a proper engine rebuild is the parts, so ensure that you follow these necessary steps when choosing an inframe kit.

Step One: Choose a Kit Manufactured by a Reputable Company

The first step to choosing a high-quality inframe kit is to find one that a reputable company makes. Even though some kits are more affordable, it may cause your engine to break down if they’re missing exacting OE specifications. The money you save on the parts will cost you more to rebuild or replace your engine once it fails.

Step Two: Choose a Kit that has all the Required Parts

The second step is to pick a kit with all the parts you need to rebuild your engine. It sounds obvious, but many retailers offer discounted kits without the requirements. For someone who’s not familiar with the details and is only looking at the price, it’ll end up costing more time and money to find replacement parts. That is why it’s essential to find an inframe kit that includes everything you need.

Step Three: Choose a Kit that is right for your Engine

The type of kit you need depends on the engine and amount of damage it has sustained. There was a big discrepancy between parts in a recent comparison between various inframe kits. Particularly, the Detroit Diesel kit has nine parts in our AFA and PAI kits that were not found in other kits. If you were to purchase another kit aside from our AFA and PAI kits, then you’d have to purchase the nine parts separately. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a kit that is right for your engine and has the parts you need. We offer high quality kits that include all the parts required for the job!

We’ve got Quality Inframe Kits for You

To summarize, cheaper kits aren’t saving you money and it will cost you more time to source the extra parts. Repairing or rebuilding a diesel engine on a commercial truck is a big job that costs thousands of dollars. Selecting a high quality kit may cost you more money at first, but it saves you money and time in the long run. Trust our knowledgeable staff at Engine Parts Canada. We have been researching and selling heavy duty diesel parts for over 20 years!

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